Anni’s Book Pick: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

“You don’t know about me without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; but that ain’t no matter.”

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , by Mark Twain, is about a young boy, Huck, in search of freedom and adventure. The shores of the Mississippi River provide the backdrop for the entire book. Huck is kidnapped by Pap, his drunken father. Pap kidnaps Huck because he wants Huck’s $6000. Huck was awarded $6000 from the treasure he and Tom Sawyer found in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Huck finally escapes from the deserted house in the woods and finds a canoe to shove off down the river. Instead of going back to the widow’s house, he decides to run away. He is sick of all of the confinement and civilization that the widow enforces upon him. He comes across Jim, Miss Watson’s slave, and together, they spend nights and days journeying down the river, both in search of freedom.(

This book is a classic that I think everyone should read. Some people say that you need to read Tom Sawyer before you read Huck Finn. I read Huck Finn first and had no problem understanding it. I like this book because it teaches the values of friendship, as Huck learns these values so do we. When reading this book I laughed, cried, and got mad several times all while going on an adventure with Huck and his friend.

Note: This book has language.