Mom and Me Reviews: The Odyssey by Jennifer Adams

First Line: “I keep Odysseus here with me, since I saved him from the wine-dark sea.”

Summary: Jennifer Adams’ retelling of The Odyssey is an extremely paired down introduction of the story via the characters. In other words, there is no plot in this board book, but there are a lovely assortment of classic characters (monsters) displayed across the 10 pages.


                Maggie: did not participate in this adventure

                Conor: two kisses and one throw down from the high chair

                Mama Lala: 5 stars.

Their Thoughts: Conor was quite attached from the beginning. He was even smart enough to figure out the sirens were the characters to be kissed. He wasn’t interested in the wordy descriptions, but the illustrations were more than enough to keep him entertained.

My Thoughts: What a great way to introduce the classics to the little ones!

Happy Reading our friends,

Mama Lala, Maggie, & Conor