Dylan’s Book Recommendation: Drive

Drive by Daniel H. Pink

First line: In the middle of the last century, two young scientists conducted experiments that should’ve changed the world–but did not.

Summary: Drive is an eye opening writing that explores the triggers of motivation, and compares different motivating factors to their short term results, long term results, and end results. Mostly the book compares extrinsic and intrinsic motivating factors, and how they can be best utilized to accomplish something. Showing that in most cases, extrinsic motivation is not good for long term success, unless the task is monotonous, and requires little thinking or problem solving to do. Intrinsic motivation is shown to be the best motivating factor to accomplish one’s goals.

Thoughts: Reading Drive, I found it fascinating that you can dissect human behavior to what is motivating them to do something. And I also found it interesting because you could apply it to people’s laziness. Our society usually tries to motivate people with rewards such as money, desired objects, etc. In the long term, the effects of extrinsic motivating factors can become severely detrimental towards someones productivity, for all aspects of their lives. This is because when people are on their own, the taught factors that they need to do something, are missing and struggle to find the willpower, the drive to do the task.

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