Linda’s Favorite Books: Invitation Only Murder

Invitation Only Murder by Leslie Meier

“The little bell on the door to the PENNYSAVER newspaper office in the quaint coastal town of Tinker’s Cove, Maine, jangled and Lucy Stone looked up from the story she was writing about the new recycling regulations—paper, glass, and plastic would not be accepted unless clean and separate, no more single stream—to see who had come in, and smiled broadly”.

This is the twenty-sixth book in the Lucy Stone Series. Lucy receives an invitation to spend a weekend at the private Maine island of Scott Newman, an eccentric owner and billionaire. She hopes to interview him concerning his life as an avid environmentalist, but finds that the island has no cell service or electricity. When Lucy finds one of his daughters dead at the bottom of a cliff, ruled an accident, she must try and outwit the killer before she is next.

I enjoyed this cozy mystery novel with its details of life on the Maine coast and Lucy’s family situations add to the story. Just when you think you have figured out who the killer is, a twist in the plot makes you step back and rethink your idea!!

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