Looking Ahead to Valentine’s Day!

After the rush of the winter holidays, mid-January starts to feel a little dreary. My instinct is to find something to look forward too. Thankfully a holiday filled with love is right around the corner!

My family doesn’t do anything fancy to celebrate this particular holiday. It typically falls in the middle of some serious school time chaos but I love to do a little baking, and if some extra energy reserves are available a little something to give away to friends. This year my daughter is getting into the game and helping motivate my efforts!

Since we are still social distancing, she decided to put together little gift buckets to drop off on her best pals porches. Because I’m determined to incorporate more math into her world, I saw this as the perfect opportunity. She has been given a budget per bucket as well as a total amount to spend. Now off to the internet for research!

We have plenty of fun cooked up at the Library as well. Craft kits for all kid age groups, a Family Fun Challenge and more! Need some details? Click here

The library has loads of holiday books perfect to help spark some ideas on how to celebrate! My favorites though are the ones that help us learn how to be more kind and loving to the people around us, friends and stranger alike. Each title below will link to the catalog, ready for you to place it on hold for checkout at the drive-thru! Happy Valentines Day!

By: Emily Pearson
By: Pat Miller
By: Carol McCloud
By: Mij Kelly and Gerry Turley
By: Nancy Rose
By: Ruth Owen
By: Megan Borgert
By: Mike Berenstein

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