Dylan’s Book Recommendation: Proof of Heaven

Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander

First line: When I was a kid, I would often dream of flying.

Summary: Dr. Eben Alexander had an NDE (near death experience) that completely contradicted all of his knowledge that would suggest that consciousness resides only within the brain. Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE was brought on by a meningitis induced coma. Coming back from his experience, Dr. Eben Alexander took the risk of being completely ridiculed by the scientific community for sharing his story.

Thoughts: NDE’s are very interesting to study. The thought of the afterlife is one of the very pillars that holds up the ceiling of society. Surely everyone will ask the question, those of a faith and those without faith. Dr. Eben Alexander shows through his experiences that consciousness does not reside in the brain.

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