Halloween Celebrations!

Due to some truly boring and frankly hard to spell medical stuff, my middle child was unable to eat most common foods until he was roughly 9. This meant 9 holiday celebrations that we had to find different ways for him to be included. My daughter’s 4th birthday was celebrated surrounded by a house of unopened packing boxes, in a brand new city, with a cake we had literally just grabbed from the grocery store. Another time a particularly rotten cold and flu season had us laid up during Christmas. One of the benefits in having older kids is being able to look back and see that we will all miss out on some particular celebration due to things outside our control. And sometimes those moments really do create some truly magical memories.

There are some really fun ways to celebrate a holiday or event even without the traditions you may have been expecting. Here are some of the fun ways I have found:

Halloween Fairy

This lovely lady is a life saver. She usually comes during the night of Halloween to whisk away the bulk of the candy your darling children have received through their Trick of Treating, and leaves behind a new book or small toy. This is particularly wonderful for those of us who have no self-control and will be the ones eating the majority of those mini-Snickers. It’s also nice for families dealing with food allergies! Perhaps this year, she might be filling their Trick or Treating buckets with candy and other surprises for them to find.

You’ve Been Boo’ed!

Have your children help you put together small bags or buckets filled with Halloween themed goodies to deliver to the front porch of friends and families. Make sure to include a note letting them know who “booed” them!

Pumpkin Patches

There is no reason not to continue this outdoor tradition! Fall weather and pumpkin patches are one of the big perks to living in the Midwest. So triple check the ever-changing temperatures, grab a mask/hand sanitizer, and have a great time picking your pumpkins and burning off some kid energy!

Family Fun Challenge

After you bring home your pumpkin patch pumpkins, it’s time to decorate them! Carving them and roasting the seeds is always fun, but with little’s it might lean towards the “are you kidding me” level of project. Instead you can readily find plenty of kits that will help your family decorate the pumpkins in style. Even a page of stickers can be the perfect way to let their creativity shine. Once you are all done, submit a picture to enter to win 1 of 5 Party Packs from the library!

Library Drive-Thru

The week of Halloween, put those costumes on your kids, toss them in the car, and stop by the library drive-thru. We will have plenty of candy to give your little darlings as well “ohhs and ahhs” at the ready to marvel over their costumes!

My crew of kiddo’s are all over the age of 10, so I can ask them what they remember about those non-traditional holidays. Did they miss out? Did they feel different? Sad? And other than my daughter wishing to keep 50 pounds of candy(never going to happen), they remember nothing but happiness. We can’t always create the picture we have in our heads of the experience we want to give out children. This year has been particularly filled with those moments and will likely continue to be. All we can do is focus on our children, and remember that they won’t feel like they missed out. They will remember their family, happily celebrating in the best way they can.

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