Playtime at the Library

Tucked into the back of the Derby Public Library lives the Arlee Killion Children’s Early Literacy Area. It’s easy to tell which of the children entering the building have played there before because the voices of our librarians follow them as they race by, “Walking Feet!”. They know that once they get past the shelves filled with adult books, the train table, and the picture books lies a section just for them.

A wonderland of experiences and activities fill the Early Literacy Area. Everything in the ELA is specifically designed to help children ages 6 and under develop their literacy muscles. A child may look like they are playing dress-up with the capes, until you lean in a little closer and discover they have created an elaborate back-story for the character they are pretending. Another child is off using a truck to move blocks but really they are strengthening their hands to make them ready to hold a pencil. Little do these children know that what seems like play to them is actually equipping them with exactly what they need to thrive at school!

So whether your child is cooking in the play kitchen, putting on a puppet show, or slowly but surely placing the rings back on the yellow holder, they are soaking up early literacy skills. Come catch your breath while your young charges scatter to the various corners of the ELA, safe in the knowledge that they are learning while they play.

Early Literacy Area Hours:

Monday: 9am-6pm Tuesday: 11am-8pm Wednesday: 11am-8pm Thursday: 9am-8pm Friday: 9am-5:30pm Saturday: 9am-4:30pm Sunday: 1pm-4:30pm An adult or teen 13 or older must stay with their children while playing in the ELA.

Our Imagination Station is a Pizzeria this month! This changes every month.
Play area with toys for children ages 2 and under

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