Book review: Ash and Quill

Cover of Ash and Quill, the third book in The Great Library series by Rachel CaineAsh and Quill (The Great Library #3)
by Rachel Caine

First line: Books burned so easily.

Summary: This series is a fun alternate-reality take on the world, if the Great Library of Alexandria had survived and ended up ruling the world. As a book-lover, it’s interesting to read about a world where ownership of original printed books is against the law. The story line moves along at a great pace in this book, with lots of twists and turns and surprises along the way. Jess, Thomas and his friends find themselves in the Burner city of Philadelphia, as prisoners. Thomas’s skills are quickly drawn upon by Willinger Beck, who runs the city, which has been under siege by the High Garda of the Great Library for about a century. Santi and Wolfe, Khalila and Dario, Glain, Morgan are all there, and each plays a role in the events that take place.

Highlights: I love the pace of the action in this book. I felt like the series had a little bit of a slow start, at least in the adventure/danger/thrilling area. However, by now, things are really ramping up. This is a book that lets me live inside it and see everything that is happening. The characters’ personalities are continuing to be developed and while there are some surprises, I felt that they were all absolutely true to the characters’ personalities that have been developed so far.

Lowlights (or what could have been better): I have seen in some reviews complaints that this series was bumped from an expected trilogy to a 5-book series. Honestly, after reading the first two books, I can’t imagine how the series could have been finished satisfactorily in one more book. This book does end at a total cliffhanger, so now I am just dying for book 4 and don’t want to wait a whole year!

FYI: If you have already read the first two books in this series, nothing in this book will be a shock to you. If you haven’t read the first two, DON’T start here! You must read the first two. There is a gay relationship in the storyline.

Alyssa Larue

Author: Alyssa Larue

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